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Don’t let these marketing mishaps happen to you!

Let Colorprint help you avoid the kind of costly nightmares that can kill a direct mail campaign before it even gets out the door!

• I need better mail response but I’m not set up to personalize my campaigns
• Changing postal regulations threw off my whole promotion
• I just got dinged by USPS for leaving the barcode off my RSVP envelopes
• My printer and mail house are arguing over whose fault the short counts were
• Sales rep, service rep, printer, mail house—I’ve got too many people to keep track of
• The printer was late and my job got bumped at the mail house
• I’ll never be able to get this job printed and mailed in 48 hours
• I just got gouged for needing express turnaround
• My mailing panel was put in the wrong spot by the designer—our piece failed automation and it cost us an extra $300

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