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Harness the Power of Direct Mail

Even today, with so many digital ways to communicate, direct mail still works. Few marketing methods meet the power of direct mail when it comes to building a customer base while maintaining a good return on your investment. At Colorprint, we can help your business leverage the unmatched power of direct mail.

Expand Your Clientele

Whether your company needs a one-off direct mail piece or regular campaigns, Colorprint will customize your marketing for the highest impact and maximum outreach. Our team will review your direct mail plan and design while ensuring that it meets all USPS requirements at the lowest possible postage rate. An attractive, eye-catching, and readable direct mail campaign will bring new customers to your endeavor.

Explore Our Direct Mail Process

Whether this is your first time using direct mail or you're seasoned in this marketing method, here's what you can expect from Colorprint:

  • Mailing Consultations: When you’re ready to produce a direct mail piece, our staff will review your plans, discuss your postal options, and make sure you get the greatest impact for the lowest cost.
  • List Procurement: We have solid trade relationships with list vendors that allow us to access appropriately targeted mailing lists for your business.
  • Design: Our creative in-house design team can masterfully transform your ideas into high-impact direct mail pieces that bring you increased customer attention and improve your bottom line.
  • Variable Data Printing (VDP): Also known as personalized printing, this technology lets you customize your direct mail pieces. Instead of delivering a single message to 1,000 customers, VDP lets you create 1,000 or more unique documents with customized messages for each. By closely targeting your material to a specific audience, VDP dramatically increases response rates.

To get started on your direct mail campaign with Colorprint, contact us today! Complete our online form or call 650-697-7611 to request a quote.

Photo of a stack of packaged prints ready to be shipped by Colorprint in Burlingame, CA
A stack of packaged prints ready to be shipped

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