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Save time and money with one solution!

Tired of dealing with the time-consuming and costly mistakes that come from using separate printers and mail houses? We streamline the process by doing it all—letting you work with one contact through the whole process. Let us show you how you can save time and money while avoiding common direct mail mishaps!

We offer complete mail solutions—whether you’re just mailing or want complete print-and-mail services:
• Certified mail experts
• Design, print, assembly, bindery and mail under one roof
• Individualized content for each recipient (Variable Data Printing)

We are “Certified Mail Experts” by the US Postal Service. That means we stay current with the latest postal regulations to make sure you won’t incur costs for improper postage. We can also help you understand the best way to design your pieces to save the most on printing and postage.

Key Services Provided

Mailing Consultation: The best advice we can give you is to plan before you print. It is all too common in our industry to find jobs that were printed before considering the mailing strategy, and the resulting waste and problems can be horrific. For example, a piece that’s only a quarter-inch too tall can mean paying double postage! Bring your thoughts and plans to us. We’ll review your plans, discuss your postal options, and make sure your plan gets you the greatest impact for the lowest cost

Postal Permit Benefits: If you have more than 200 pieces to mail, you may be eligible for postal discounts. You can leverage Colorprint’s bulk mail permit (offered at no additional charge) to get the best value for your postal dollar. We’ll ensure your mailing is compliant with the multitude of ever-changing postal regulations so you won’t make costly mistakes.

List Procurement: Need a list? We have trade relationships with list vendors that allow us to find the right list for you, based upon your target market.

List Processing: Before doing your mailing, we’ll process your list through NCOA (National Change of Address) and make sure that your data uses all the latest addresses filed with USPS. You can receive a copy of your updated records back from us at no charge—it’s a great way to stay current with your clients, and you can also use this information to remove records that are no longer of interest to you. This list is then presorted and prepared for maximum postal discounts, using the POSTNET barcode when applicable. We also offer Sectional Facility drop-ships, which can decrease postage rates significantly.

Addressing: High-speed addressers imprint the address information onto your mail pieces at speeds you would not believe to get them out the door fast.

Tabbing: Recent years have seen many important changes to USPS regulations on tabbed media. We review each piece to ensure that the proper tabbing strategy is used, while ensuring full compliance with the rules to avoid errors.

Hand Work: Yes, some things still need to be done by hand. Our experienced team will make sure that your direct mail, invitations, fundraisers, and other items all are perfectly prepared and collated.

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