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While we love our new-age equipment, we take the most pride in our old-fashioned service.

Our owner, Mark, is a man of integrity. He enjoys nothing more than knowing he has helped his customers achieve their objectives, and he thrives on building long-term client relationships. Here’s his promise to you:
• Your invoice will match your quote. If the job doesn’t change, your price won’t.
• If there’s a problem, we’ll fix it—no hesitation.
• If we think we can save you money by offering design or postal suggestions, we’ll say so.
• And if you’re in a bind and need us to go the extra mile, we’ll do it.

Here are the fundamentals by which we’ve grown our business. Call Mark today and learn how we can help you grow yours.
The 10 Fundamentals of Colorprint Client Service

1. We introduce ourselves to new clients time to become familiar with them. After our first meeting, we share a first-name based relationship.
2. Make our clients feel appreciated, important and comfortable in the knowledge that they are working with a friendly expert.
3. Phone orders are always welcome—no email or fax required. We’ll follow up with email confirmations.
4. We respond to orders in human (no auto replies), as soon as humanly possible (no later than the end of business on the day it was received).
5. We truly like our work and are genuinely eager to help our clients succeed.
6. We follow-up on all proofs that are sent out within 72 hours.
7. We follow-up on all complete jobs to ensure client satisfaction.
8. We check-in with our regular clients to see if we can be of service.
9. We send or call our clients with status reports on all jobs in progress
10. Our answer to your question of “When will it be ready?” is always “How soon do you need it?” And then we get it done by that time!

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