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We lead with quality and service, and we compete on price!

Loyalty Programs
Successful relationships are based on trust. We want you to feel comfortable that you’ll always get the best service and quality at the best price possible. As part of our commitment to you, we offer special pricing programs designed to accommodate loyal customers with regular jobs such as:
• Quarterly newsletters
• Annual event invitations
• Seasonal direct mail

Referral Programs
Let us help you help your clients! When your clients need a referral to a printer they can trust, send them to Colorprint. You’ll help you save them money while getting outstanding results—and you’ll also earn print credits toward your own printing needs. It’s a true win-win for everyone involved!

The Colorprint Referral Program is ideal for:
• Designers
• Event coordinators and trade show managers
• Marketing consultants
• Anyone else whose clients need printing done right

Call today and ask for Mark. He’ll design a pricing plan that’s sure to keep you (and your clients) coming back.

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